Blok Blitz

Blok Blitz

Blok Blitz - is a very simple and easy in regards of operation game, arkanoid. The game is very bright and fascinating.
In Blok Blitz the player must control a small platform. You will need to move it horizontally from one wall to another and catch the ball with the help of this platform so as it did not fall.

The aim of the game is to return a ball in such a way that it broke all the bricks of the level. As soon as you cope with this task, you will enter the next level with new set of bricks.

The game is not monotonous: there are some bricks, which must be hit several times; others give you prize capsules when you break them. You can activate the prize only after you catch it with your racket.

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5 stars

Release Date: Apr 17, 2014

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